Tuesday, April 5, 2011


SPARKLE!!....with "The Champagne of Natural labradorite!". Plush Oregon Sunstone is all natural and comes in an array of colors....but none are as bubbly and bright as the golden stones we call
"Champagne." Enjoy the sparkle of these all-natural stones that hail from Oregon's high deserts. Amidst the sagebrush, antelope and wild horses, the persistent miners of the Dust Devil Mining Co. pry these unique gems from ancient lava flows. Each glittering Champagne Sunstone is a cause for celebration!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Compliments Collection....NEW Sunstone Designs

LOVE the combo of chocolate colored pearls and sunstone beads! The Plush Oregon Sunstones are full of copper schiller and contrast nicely with the chocolatey (dyed) pearls. This is a new clasp that I love working with. It is made of bronze and is reversible...if it flips around it is still beautiful...and it's magnetic! The clasp looks great turned to the side of the piece as well....good idea to show it off.